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Access Control System

  • catagory:  Surveillance & security
  • date:  Nov 19, 2020
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The Access Control System is an electronic system which utilises electronic keys to release door locks. The reader on the door is powered and controlled via the control unit.

VX Services Limited provides Access Control System (ACS) which includes identification and authorization, access permission, time attendance and many more features. Access Control System prevents access to unauthorized area and people as well as it gives a structural control to the company management.

Our service products are easy to install and make the management of any building very simple. The software is intuitive and comes with a range of features that move beyond the basics of locking or unlocking a door. Currently VX is collaborating with Paxton (UK) and ZKTech (China) which are leading access control system provider in the world.

Following are the benefits of having Access Control Service from VX Services Ltd.

- PC based system
- Event reporting
- Custom API, based on customer requirement
- Unlimited user with unlimited door
- Attendance system

These are only the key features. Besides we are providing ACS based on the customer needs.